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Solomon Phoenix - 1038

Tarot has been my trusty companion for 15 years, guiding me through mystical realms and empowering seekers like you to make clear, confident decisions. For the past 20 years, I've been tuning into the universe as a Psychic, uncovering hidden potentials and illuminating paths blocked by doubt and limiting beliefs. Since childhood, I've had the gift of Clairvoyance, allowing me to see beyond the ordinary. These visions are most vivid when the seeker is open-hearted, relaxed, and spiritually attuned. The more you open up, relax, and tune in, the clearer and more insightful our readings will be. PIN 1038

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When you call for a Private Consultation with me, here's what I offer: 1. **Personalized Tarot Readings**: Gain clarity and insight into your life’s questions and challenges with a customized Tarot reading. 2. **Psychic Guidance**: Tap into the universe's energies to uncover hidden potentials and illuminate paths forward. 3. **Clairvoyant Insights**: Experience vivid visions that reveal deeper truths and provide guidance, influenced by your openness and spiritual awareness. 4. **Empowerment and Clarity**: Make confident decisions with the self-awareness and clarity gained from our heart felt dialogue, 5. **Supportive and Compassionate Listening**: Feel heard and understood in a safe, non-judgmental space. 6. **Spiritual Connection**: Enhance your spiritual journey with guidance tailored to your unique energy and needs. Call now for a consultation that offers clarity, empowerment, and a deeper connection to your true path. PIN 1038.

Recent Reviews Of Solomon Phoenix


spot on

super deep and very connected, picked up my situation quickly without incessant questioning, gave sound advice that I knew was truth and coming from a higher power.

- Stargazer, UK



He has a very high vibration. Picked up on my person and the situation straight away. Intuitive and wise. Helped me to view the situation from a less linear black and white perspective. Gave practical spiritual advice. Thank you 🙏 ❤️🌹

- Lisa, Aus



A very good reader and a genuine connection.

- Michelle, Aus



Absolutely an amazing mystic. I asked for a general reading he just picked the situation up straight away, not even knowing what he was describing. It was a very metaphorical reading but it was one of the best one I have ever had. Sol, you are so well connected and highly spiritual. Thank you for the reading; definitely gave me some things to think about.

- Ash, London


So much wisdom

Wow that was such an insightful reading with so much spiritual wisdom and guidance about relationships, thank you so much

- T, Australia


Completely off

I picked a reader because of the reviews but in my case, it was completely off sadly so I hung up.

- Zm, Slovakia


Very Enlightening

Picked up on my POI and described him perfectly. Gave me some very empowering, no nonsense direction forward with this person. Thank you for your insight Sol, I'm back on track with my life again.

- Ellen, Brisbane


Very Enlightening

Picked up on my POI and described him perfectly. Gave me some very empowering, no nonsense direction forward with this person. Thank you for your insight Sol, I'm back on track with my life again.

- Ellen, Brisbane


One of the best

Spoken to sol over a few years now and always always receive deep nourishment and wisdom from his readings. Speak to you soon!

- Eleda, London


- ,



I receive a reading from sol and the prediction date he provided me with was accurate and happen in the time frame he said it would so I will receive another reading from him again.

- Kelly, Huddersfield


Straight and honest

Straight forward and honest ! I liked his reading! Thank you sol x

- ,


Good Advice

- NKJ, London


So calming

Beautiful insightful reading, got straight into it picked up situation straight away and was able to give great advice on how to move forward.Would definitely recommend.

- Gill, Northern Ireland


Hard work

I asked some out right questions and he couldn't give me a straight answer. I found the reading hard work. He's a lovely guy but I was far from satisfied.

- ,


Spot on

A very talented reader who accurately connected to me and my situation. Thank you

- Noshin, Yorkshire


Lovely reading

My first reading with Sol was very enlightening, he helped me connect the dots and put things back in perspective.

- Flora,



I've left a previous review before and had a few readings with Sol. I can honestly say I've tried all the very top top readers on this site and no one can compete with Sol. He's my number 1 reader. No sugarcoating. He picks up on the smallest of details which leave me in awe. He's the nicest man you could ever speak to and I just adore him!

- R, N.Ireland



The reading started off quite positive, if a bit generic, then when i commented on what he said he changed his tune completely and said he wish he could write a book that tells women men are already telling you they are not interested! . Wouldn't recommend!

- ,


Awesome Reader

Sol picked up on my situation super quickly and super accurately. He is an expert at this and I have a new go to reader. Very talented man. Thank you

- PM, West Midlands



Just had a reading with Sol and he tuned into me beautifully...he saw that I work with the law of attraction and although I've felt a little off the path , Sol reassured me that I am still on the right track and how to move forward to receive my desires . I feel that I have the strength to move forward and have the happy ending with my POI that I so want to have . Thank you Sol

- Mel, Manchester


Amazing - predictions came true

Sol is absolutely fantastic! I have never spoken to someone who gave accurate predictions to the very date. I have had two readings now and trying to get a hold of Sol for a third. He really knows how to command the card and can answer anything you ask him. He also is the loveliest person to speak to and non-judgmental. Happy Christmas Sol!

- R, N. Ireland


Lovely Gentlemen

Thank you sol for my reading it happen how he said spot on I had to let me know amazing reader so nice to speak to him he has such a calm voice I will wait for next predictions. Kind Regards Susan

- Susan, Sydney Australia


I wrote the last review. Sol told me not to accept breadcrumbs and he will respect me and come chasing .As I said he has come back and our relationship is going stronger r than ever

- ,


Said to assert myself

I had a reading last year over a romantic heartbreak. Sol was harsh and empowering. He told me straight that if the guy says he is seeing someone else and wants me to hang around to be a friend and wait as an option, I should just tell him no that I'm sorry that I can't be his option B and I don't want breadcrumbs. I want a relationship or I'm out. He said the man will respect me and chase. I did he got mad we fell out but he unblocked Me and triedto come back after 6 weeks and his behaviour has changed. He is wanting to rekindle

- Kt, Au


I wish I could say the same thing as most of the reviews here but unfortunately I can make sense of his readings so had yo cut him off again

- ,


Always spot on and his readings are wisdom medicine for the soul

I have had 2 readings with Sol and he is so acutely tuned in that I am in awe. The clarity and resolution he brings to every situation literally transforms my mind and brings clear understanding to any situation I have brought to him! I am beyond grateful. He is gold for mind, heart and soul and I always learn so much, feel completely resolved, encouraged and at peace after his readings. Thank you. Your work is excellent. Bless you fore helping me make the world and myself a better place without any BS. The best!

- Kellee Marie, Colorado


Dove straight into it

Chur Cuzz Straight to the issue without humming and harring Very pleased

- Danny A, Earth


Great man

He's a good listener, non judgemental, he gives sincere advice and it's able to guide you in the right direction! Give him a try! You won't be disappointed

- Fran, Leeds



I've spoken to Sol many times and he is so spot on. He has helped me immensely including today's reading. Thank you Sol

- Jackie, SA


Great guy

Sol gave me some genuine and helpful advice, the cards connecting with my situation too. A fantastic reader and good man.

- Thomas, Cardiff


Cheers Sol

Sol, thank you. I will call again another time. Very interesting, get to Croydon soon !!

- Samantha, Northern Ireland


I made a new friend today~

Reading tarot is an intuitive passion for Sol. I could tell off the bat that this man was an intelligent, spiritual, dynamic planner. Sol helps you map out the expectations of the days, weeks, and/or months to come for the outcome/predictions you seek. I truly felt like I met a friend today, and wish we could chat like this for hours on end, because that's what you get with Sol: a newfound friendship. Thank you, Sol, for EVERYTHING. You have answered MORE than I could possibly have asked for, and I am forever and ever and ever grateful!!!

- Jenny Chang, Los Angeles, CA


Problem at home

Absolutely Brilliant, advice, so helpful, composed, honest, walked a , bumpy road, with me, side by side. Belinda

- Belinda Carroll, East Kilbride


He is just simply AWESOME Will call again real soon anyone that has a reading with him Will have clarity and a broad sense of understanding God bless him

- Wendi,




- Geri, Bristol


Thankyou Sol, you were spot on! I ran out of minutes and we were cut off, but what you did give me was enough to get me to my next stage

- ,


Im still smiling a few days on.

How wonderful to have someone not even ask my name but know exactly what is going on in my life! Truly gifted and a genuinely lovely Soul Thank you Sol I shall be using my Gold Key from now on. X

- Tenisha white,


It is my pleasure to have known Sol He is a super accurate tarot reader, psychic reader and empathetic healer. He has never failed to amaze me with his intuitive powers and ability to foresee future events . He has elaborate knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism and he makes use of this knowledge to guide you to get through the obstacles of day to day life . He is non judgemental and patiently listens to you and provides you the best emotional , spiritual and karmic advice to resolve the issue .No matter how much stressed you might be due to any reason, he will analyse the issue keeping the emotions aside and will provide a crystal clear path and will put your mind at ease . I highly recommend him for his services .May God always bless Sol.

- ,



I have had Sol read for me quite a few times and his predictions have always come to pass. He has a great connection with the cards. Thank you Sol :)

- Georgie, Australia


Thank You Sir _/\_

Sol, is a real gentleman... and a gifted psychic. He quickly tuned in to my issue... and gave a compassionate & accurate response. I am very appreciative of his kindness & professionalism. He knows his craft. _/\_ <3

- AJ (Arjuna), Manchester


Best Reader

- Ami, Aydney


Great !!!

Thanks Sol, you are great!! Very good at what you do, good listener. Very tuned in also.

- ,


Mystic Sol

I wan to express , Sol is beyond this realm most of us reside within. He is a true Mystic who can guide you to a place very few can. If you lucky enough to find him , you will be blessed ...

- sam, Sydney Australia


Your the best

Had a reading with this man what can I say had many readings but nothing like this .will leave another when things happen light and love wish I could give more stars

- Karen, Australia


Your the best

Had a reading with this man what can I say had many readings but nothing like this .will leave another when things happen light and love wish I could give more stars

- Karen, Australia


Your the best

Had a reading with this man what can I say had many readings but nothing like this .will leave another when things happen light and love wish I could give more stars

- Karen, Australia


The best psychic ever

So impressed with his card shuffling and selection of cards that he explains the situation without me telling anything . I have spoken to him at least 16 times and everytime his wisdom n guidance had pulled me out of my emotional pains . His predictions are spot on and as per me he is the best reader ever in this site .

- Ameeeka, Australia


Excellent n mind blowing

Extremely happy with him. His voice is so calm that mere talking to him takes away the worries. His predictions have always gone pass and the time frame is always accurate. He is one of those who picks upon the situation without telling .. along with the reading, his wisdom n guidance has been sooo helpful . He needs many more reviews. I love it when he says God bless you, bless you, bless you

- Ag, Sydney


The most important call ever !

Sol met me w wisdom and insights beyond anything I could have asked. I appreciate his scope and being able to delve so deep and with such clarity into exactly what was going on with me. I only wish that my credit card had not been alerted to making a purchase on an online site so that when I went to add more time it was declined and then when I finally got through you were no longer available. I will be calling back And looking for you with your incredibly astute and connected guidance which was absolutely perfect for me. Thank you, I hope that I will be able to listen and share again soon. I cannot thank you enough this was really the best call ever in so many ways!

- Kellee Marie Morris, Aspen, Co


Lovely Reader

Sol gave me perspective by giving me incredible information and challenging me to look at things from a different angle. Thank you Sol, I feel a lot more positive.

- Sandra, UK


Real Psychic!

I felt like Sol eally understood me as a person and that he could really read in to me and my life it was almost as if he was in my mind, a real psychic!

- Kate, Herts



An hour flew by and then I couldn't get back to you! An incredible reading! I really do feel reassured and I will keep you updated.

- ,



This beautiful sol is an awesome soul. He picked up on everything, this guy is a natural born. Thank you for a lovely reading and i am sorry that the time ran out.

- Reeta, Sydney


Thank you Sol!!!

Such a pleasure to meet such a beautiful soul with so much knowledge to share. I was destined to speak to you today, thank you for all of your phenomenal insight into my spiritual journey. I certainly do not feel confused anymore :-)

- Michelle, London


I called today, as I was feeling a bit lost! I didn't have a reader in mind, so I let the Universe do its thing! OMG my reading with Sol was amazing, the information that he gave me for my situation was magic! Thank you so much, Sol, im a very happy bunny!

- Sunnysmile, South Yorkshire


A Beautiful Reading

Amazing insight into my situation and a warm and beautiful vibration came over to me as i was talking to sol, he helped to change my perspective on what was troubling me whuch helped me to let go of a sitiation that was causing me pain ..amazing and beautiful man with a lot of wisdom and insight...give him a call you wont regret it xx

- Lynda, Glasgow, Scotland



You are a true blessing xxx

- Louisa, UK


Reading wow

This was a first reading with Sol i have to say was amazing and very reflective. He showed great insight and I will phone him again for a reading...

- Caroline, Birmingham