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41 reviews

Matumbae - 1185

I have been a Hindu spiritual reader for the past 15 years. I am a specialist in family advice, relationships, careers and strengthening marriages. I am a very considerate person who truly wants to assist others. I offer my valued customers a professional reading, with useful advice. PIN 1185

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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialize in Family advice, Relationships, careers, and marriages. In terms of tools, I tend to often use people's expressions as my main tool examples such as body language and depression in a person’s voice.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first knew of this gift when I was 19 years old. I could always look at someone or listen to their voice and tell what's the issue and always tend to give great advice. It's a practice I do even in my spare time to assist others.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I study Astrology so the movement of humans and the celestial system along with being a good horoscope reader which helps me also to confine the emotions of a person.

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I surely can offer the truth and a with the use of the finest African spiritual tools I see everything that will allow a reader to be worthwhile.

Recent Reviews Of Matumbae


Very good

So far the first time I have readings with Matumbae was very impressive I said I will update him in any progress and I hope.he remembers me. Thank you

- Marry, Uk


No questions asked

I could talk to this man all day. He asked no questions, just reeled it off. 100% real and rare.

- AnnMarie, London


Best of The Best

Matumbae, I hope you see this: you are hands down the greatest intuitive genius, and I am the most grateful to have connected with you. Thank you for your wise intuition, my spiritual friend~

- Can't Recommend Enough, Los Angeles


Absolutely amazing

I cannot believe how accurate he is the best by far.

- Ricky, Birmingham



Matumbae is a ?lovely man,compassionate, polite. He is an excellent reader, stunningly accurate. I highly recommend a reading ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Simone, London


Empath spirits

This reading is just outstanding i can not explain into words he picked up everything bang on about past and what i do, his predictions are yet to unfold and i just hope he is correct and he gets even flawless with his predictions. Its very hard to connect with him as he is a very popular reader just hope he does more day times aswel?

- Nazia, Dewsbury


I cannot understand the previous reviews this reader was muttering could not understand a word had to keep saying pardon.

- Carrie, Scotland


Good reader

Matumbae is one of my go-to top readers on here. I have had a few readings with him, and he has always delivered with consistency, accuracy and depth for me every time. All he requires is my name and month of birth, and off he goes. He also gives good timeframes and descriptions of characters. I think he is a genuine soul, and I could honestly talk to for him for hours. I will keep coming back to him for future readings. Stay blessed, Matumbae.

- M, UK


Five Star

He delivered the reading with speed and accuracy. He went into the reading straight with no questions asked or card shuffling. Just amazing.

- Ash, London


Prediction so far correct

I did not believe Matumbae when he said 2 meetings would take place. To my astonishment last week the 2nd of these took place (despite all the odds being against this happening)

- Steve, Kent


Insightful, straight forward and down to earth

Thank you for your reading, really appreciate your insight and guidance. An accurate and honest reading. Best wishes

- Ana,


The best

Matumbae is the real deal. Don't hesitate to call. He accurately predicted the exact date my person of interest would make contact. He connected and picked up on my situation immediately with no prompts from me and is very easy to talk to. Honestly, he's amazing. Thanks Matumbae, looking forward to speaking again.

- Shevonne, UK



Very good reader ?

- Nadia, Manchester



Matumbae is phenomenal at picking up the past and present within a fraction of a second. I feel his future predictions are also coming to fruition. Very strong psychic and empath.

- Anuradha, UK


? accurate

He is very accurate and consistent, try him u won't be disappointed

- Kate, Manchester


lovely soul

sweet soul ?

- rita, london



I don't usually go for male readers but on this occasion I gave it go! M picked up on all the main energies regarding relationships , work and family and all the reassurances that all will be well. I'll connect with him again in the future to see how things unfold . Thank you again for your guidance when I needed it most.

- Maxine, Chatham


Good reading

Nice guy good reading

- Mickey, London


It's all about ‘energy' I had a read last year with him and it was a different one about a SP this time ! Why? Because I changed my own thinking and approach - in other words I have grown in awareness in myself This time the reading was positive and he picked up in depth the energy between us with hope that we will be together in a romantic way in time - he was spot on in what was going on with the person in question I said nothing about him !So nothing is fixed in stone we are the creators of our destinies and it's all about our growth and awareness Thank you so much for your insights most grateful ✨

- L, Uk



Picked up on my situation straight away without any information given. Accurately told me what had happened and what he saw for the future. Thank you

- Ian, UK


Excellent reader

I have had two readings with Matumbae, he is brilliant at what does and his predictions have come over true for me. Thank you very much for all your help and guidance Matubae. God bless you.

- Yasmin, Uk



He picked up some key words from my POI's thoughts and emotions that it shocked me! Fabulous reader! Will definitely call him back.

- Anuradha, UK



On point. Accurate. Helpful.

- Amanda, Cheshire


Great Reader

Picked up on things very quickly, without much information. Gave predictions and timings!

- L, UK


Real Deal

On Point. Accurate validations.

- James, London


Thank you

Matumbae picked up on my situation very quickly, and gave great foresight on what's ahead. Will come back and update abit later. I cant wait for everything to unfold. I also just wanted to say...Thank you Matumbae... many blessings to you with Love and Light.

- Kim, Australia



This man picked up on everything with out me telling him anything, im genuinely gobsmacked.Thank you for a great reading.

- PM, London


Really good

Matumbe picked up on my current circumstances and gave me strong validations. Also gave me hope for the future with bold but positive predictions. Time will tell if these predictions come true. I'll be back for sure if they do.

- Leighton, Brighton


A compassionate and intuitive reading

Thank you very much for your guidance. It has been very helpful.

- Vanessa, UK


Mayim are picked up a huge amount of information that I could relate to. I found him very knowledgeable. Great reading

- Giulie,


Great reading

He was very on point with clear and direct information. Thanks again

- Via, Birmingham



This man is the real deal I can highly recommend, give him a try.

- Sylvia, Lancashire


True psychic and compassionate.Told me things he would not have guessed and gave insight. Thanks again.

- ,


bad Avoid

Please post this as its fair ! Asked me questions after questions , uninformative

- Ellie, North east



Very general & vague. Asks too many leading questions. Did not get much info or guidance. Didn't feel that he had any psychic abilities

- J, UK


The best person iv ever spoken to and on top of that he's gifted

Based on what he said Worth every penny

- Nadine Lacey, London


This man can predict stuff up to a year incredible talent

Hello lovely it's nadine about new relationship and my dad Michael prophet Had the best connection with u of all readers and ur bounce sounds like my dad who passed very lovely voice nice energy very gifted from passed down generation yoy really can tell It's no joke I mean compares to readers who's predictions haven't happened he really deserves more review just based on what I felt and how he connected perfectly with that thank tou

- Nadine Lacey, London



Picked up straight away my personal problems straight forward person love to have another reading with him

- Aasiya, Dudley


Very good

This guy is very good just like the other reviews picked up everything around my current situation with great detail. Here's hoping his predictions cone true. Thoroughly recommend 5 stars

- Teresa, London



Very tuned in and goes deep into the situation- he'll be busy soon so get him before he does

- L, Im



Matumbae was so lovely and was able to pick up on my person of interest. He really connected well and described them in detail. He also provided me with a reading on my career and made some predictions. Definitely give him a call.

- Emmanuella, UK