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26 reviews

Jane - 4962

I am a gifted individual and have enhanced my psychic gifts through spiritual circles over the last 16 years. This has boosted my ability to assist people through investing in Tarot cards and Angel cards. However, I have discovered that the cards are a guide to visions and hence assists me see deep into situations. I have the ability to predict events before it enfolds. PIN 4962

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

The moment you connect with me, my spirit guides are already at work to heal you of any circumstances and burdens. Hence I am a gifted ground angel here to assist you solve any issues. I aim to make you feel refreshed and happy in yourself again.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use intuition and combine this with visualisation. As soon as I hear your voice, I go into a trance to connect with you. I transfer the vibrations into my tarot cards to reveal the answers for the questions you ask. I will endeavour to clear all negative energies around you and replace them with the positive ones by the end of your session.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I discovered at the age of 15 through dreams and visions that I was a special person. Then when my great gran passed away at a very biblical age, I started to feel her spirit around me and I also felt I had wings. At nights I would meditate and enforce my wings so I could travel. I would fly up miles and miles up to the sky to visit my ancestors in spirit until dawn. As I got older and more mature, I discovered through research and psychic training, that I was a typical ground angel.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am very friendly and experienced in general chatting. I do face to face Tarot consultations. I attend spiritual circles to practice Reiki and other healing therapies. I practice herbal and general therapies. I have hypnotic skills.

Recent Reviews Of Jane



The information Jane is able to convey is amazing. Validations are great and I wait for predictions

- ,


Please stay online!

I've had wonderful readings from you in the past Please stay online today so I can catch you! Fantastic reader

- A,



Amazing reading just now Jane but got cut off as I topped up. Now you're offline. Hope to catch up again soon x

- , Uk


Can't find you

Hi Jane I have been trying to get in contact with you and no joy. Would really like to speak to you again. I check the times you use to come on and you are never there. Love and light Kerry

- Kerry, Uk



Jane is amazing. Her readings are clear and insightful.

- Nikki, Australia


Very very good

She's awesome ! So professional as well and kind but really hits the nail on the head constantly ! Thank you x x

- Han,


Jane you are BAD ASS

High level psychic. In depth reading and spot on. Your are 1 of the top 5 on this site. Wish you all the best love and light.

- Tracey, Uk


So lovely

Really valued my reading with Jane. No judgement, polite, spoke with clear understanding of her psyhic skills.

- Anna, London



Literally 5 star woman. I'm so happy I spoke to Jane today. The reading was so in tune and accurate. It's help me to keep positive and keep pushing.

- Amazing, U.K.


Lovely lady to speak to

Jane is tuning in intuitively and gives information quickly. Calming and pleasant to talk to. Sort of ventured into advice giving sometimes with questions but other than that was definitely worthwhile speaking with her for reassurance.

- J, UK


Excellent and Jane is lovely! ❤️

Jane is a lovely person, it really shines through. Extremely accurate reading. Thank you! Lots of Love! ❤️

- Celeste, London


She's great!! Spot on

- Charlotte, London


Fantastic Reader

Jane is a must, accurate details without explanations given. Would definitely use her again, along with a Russian reader on the site brilliant.

- Rose, London


Prediction very accurate

I spoke Jane on Jane on Saturday 03/10/2020 and she said I would hear from my POI definitely over the weekend. She was absolutely right. He contacted me the same day after 8 days of radio silence. I couldn't see any hope but she was sure. She also described our situation with complete accuracy. Thank you so much for your help Jane. Keep up the good work. xx

- Cafp, Sydney


Absolutely incredible

Jane is absolutely amazing. Very quick to tune in. Nothing asked. Clarity. Detailed. Accuracy amazing. As a fellow reader and medium, I found Jane very very good and would go back.

- DB, Australia


A brilliant psychic

Jane has worked hard and it has payed off. She is a brilliant psychic. The best so far on this site that I have spoken to.

- Rachel, Aus


Very good..

Got out through by mistake but acutually was amazing.. picked up a lot of very accurate information. Reassured without being prompted and had a good understanding of my situation... Def would get a reading with her again. Very impressed..

- Anon, Uk


Good reader

She's very good, picks up on alot of detail.

- Georgina,



This lady is so accurate everything she tells me is true One of the best reading I have in a longtime. Thanks again Jane lovely

- Christine, London



Thank you so much for a very truthful and accurate reading. It put my mind at rest. Sending Love and Light

- Jackie, SA


Excellant Reader

Jane was telling me the answers to my questions before I even asked them. Jane is amazing. Incredible reading. Thank you so much. I was so impressed.Very kind a nd so polite. Kind regard Karen

- Karen, Australia


You are right he gone new I was right

Jane thank you for your time .you new what I whst from the beginning. I new that this was go to be a hard time together we looked in what was around and she pick on . Thing that she could of none !! Every trun was discovered she see me move forward by wendnsday 27 January. And end of the old world and new people and thing move forward. Next she could new love for me come in but need sort out life how right is she a good person and as you best interest at heart. She will do wall on here ! You are good reader and would like to thank you .you time sharon

- Sharon, Stoke-on-Trent


Not sure

her predictions were opposite of the top readers on this site although she sounded confident I not sure because not alignied with my gut feelings either....

- ,



At first I thought she was doing a lot of guess work. Then as the reading went on she tuned in and we connected so well that she was spot on with my situation. Took me by surprise. Nice and polite too. Will be contacting Jane again. Thank you

- J, London


True psychic

Jane you are truely gifted. She spent 2 hours on the phone with me to help me through my whole situation and went in alot of depth! she picked up the situation very well and certain things ie my birthday i havent told her and what i wanted to plan she knew! thank you so much for all your patience and help with me! i will definately be back for all my readings! will update you on predictions!!!

- P, London



I had a reading this morning with jane and my reading with herwas very informative and she helped me see what was right infront of me . Thanks jane i will update when everything comes through.

- K, London



Absolutely amazing OMG couldn't believe my hears .. in line with the top readers. I'm absolutely truly shocked with the info

- Kamari, Bromley


She's good but she don't listen. She just kept going on and on with things I already know but wouldn't stop to listen to my question and give me the answer to the question I'm asking for. I eventually ended up hanging up on the call.

- ,