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15 reviews

Psychic Adam - 5617

I am a twin flame specialist and have worked in love and relationship for the last 15 years. I can see through energy and connect through souls. I can speak to the dead and connect to loved ones. My reading is mainly done through energy. As a result, I can tune in within just a few seconds of speaking. I was born with my ability but had been using it professionally for the last 15 years. PIN: 5617

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

What makes me different is that you get a straight-to-the-point clear reading. You won’t get any unnecessary stories with me. You will get a kind-hearted and compassionate reading. If it’s a twin flame, you will probably get the most experienced reader you ever come across on twin flame or soul mate issues.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Love and relationship, and career are my specialities. I also focus on soul mates and twin flames. Business direction and emotional insight. I also offer an elite form of mind management and chakra balancing through findings oneself.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was born with my gift and found out about it when I was only nine years old, speaking to my dad's grandparents and finding things that no one else knew where they were.

Recent Reviews Of Psychic Adam



Adam is phenomenal, astounding and a true soul . This man has been an incredible reader for me & there aren’t many I trust . He understands my situation , his predictions and his gift have proven so valuable . If you get the chance - have a reading with him in regards to love - it’s euphoric . Thank you so much Adam for your continued conversation and for your gift . Truly astounding ! Natasha x

- Natasha , Uk


Great Channel Reading

HIs thought reading and prediction is razor sharp. Believe everything that he says.

- Anuadha, UK


Prediction Came to Pass

Hi Adams, your prediction came to pass my dear friend. Waiting to speak to you again. Cheers!

- Anuradha, UK


Fantastic Reader

Adam is an incredible reader and he completely blew me away with his accurate reading. He is very gifted and talented in his field.

- Anne Marie, UK


deep connection

this guy is really great, honestly. he was so quickly able to tune in to me and when connecting with my POI, he said it was unstable - which is accurate to his actions. 2 more minutes in, he was able to pin point POIs feelings which again, is accurate to what he has been saying to me. i trust and believe in his predictions and will be back to write another review in 2 weeks. amazing man

- Gem, UK


Was Off

He was bit off with me as he said something very very strong about my POI which was not at all the case but he was sure about it.

- AN, UK



He blew my mind with accuracy. Loved the way he read aura and energies and explained everything. Very spot on with past and present. Hope his predictions come to pass too. Lovely, calm gentleman to talk to.

- Anuradha, UK


Great reading

Thank you so much for your reading! I was able to see the truth from you! Very kind and does not sugar coat, give Adam a call!

- Srey, Boston


Great intuition

My situation is almost impossible to pick up on let alone understand. This guy did .. thank you for clarity . I'm not loosing my marbles . I know my prediction will come true as it's my intuition too . Snap .. I can't wait to share with you ?xx

- No, Essex



This man's ability to tune into past, present and future is mind blowing. There were times I had to hold back tears due to the depth of the reading. Given a 4 star and will give 5 stars if future predictions happen. It was nice talking to someone that understood my situation. Let's hope things unfold as he predicted. I will be back with an update end November. Thank you Psychic Adam for clarity x

- C, Uk



Adam connect quickly and very helpful

- Se, Surrey



He picked up what I texted my POI a day before my reading and what was my POI thinking of it. Without any clue from me he picked up the recent past, present etc. It blew my mind!! He is also very non judgemental reader. I ask him a lot of questions he never judges me or show reluctance to read for me. My most favourite on this website now. Thanks Adams, God bless!

- Anuradha, UK


Very good

Extremely accurate I was shocked with his very deep intuition and the reading was very detailed without asking any questions and what Adam told me came to pass within 2 days the guy called and he told exactly what this clever psychics told me about his feelings

- Phiwo, Manchester



Adam picked up my POI spent outside a little bit of the time on a weekend which was true, and the fact that he doesn't drink much. I texted my POI about my kid and since then he was thinking of me and my Kid- Adam also picked that up. He reads my POI's thoughts and emotions so correctly and picked up some key words that my POI told me in the past. I enjoyed his reading so very much! Adam is a genuine psychic. I LOVE him for not using Tarot cards. This type of channel reading feels more genuine to me. He is truly gifted. Thank you, TP, I found another favourite reader from this website. God bless you Adam!

- Anuradha, UK


No connection

This is the second review from me not sure why the first review has not been posted. First reading with Adam excellent with strong connection. I could not wait to have a follow up reading with him. When I did I was so disappointed once again there was phone connection problem then he was so lost in the reading in a totally different direction

- NKJ, London