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38 reviews

Andy - 7077

I have been reading the tarot cards for 30 years, originally taught by my mother who is a psychic medium, as was my maternal grandmother. I am able to receive messages from spirit during meditation but will often get quick visual glimpses of spirit and occasionally receive spoken words that come quite literally out of the blue! I also have experience in spiritual rescue work, always carried out with love and care. PIN: 7077

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Recent Reviews Of Andy


Excellent reading

Andy was correct about everything in my general reading - no questions asked - and he was very careful and thoughtful in giving his predictions -

- Annie, Somerset


Thank you

Great reading

- Nadine , Uk


When I want the truth…

The first time I had a reading with Andy, I wasn't sure as it seemed as though he just interpreted the cards. However the detail of what was happening and then what actually ended up happening was all laid out in the cards. I've since had several readings with Andy and all have been sooo spot on. My last reading i again was suprised on what he was able to pick up.

- OG, Ldn



Thank you Andy for the detailed reading and explained what the cards meant. He is spot on in everything, friendly, helpful and hope the predictions come true.

- May, Worthing



He couldn't connect very well at all and kept repeating and asking me questions. Just wasn't for me!

- Tee, London



Picked up someone who has caused problems for over two years a sensitive reader who gave good advice Thanks

- Frances, Hertfordhire


Andy is a sweetheart

Could've talked to you for hours. Lovely demeanour and very clear about what the cards meant. Thank you Andy x

- Shelley, Norfolk


Brilliant - As Always - 10 Stars!!

Thank you Andy for yet another clear and detailed reading - I really do appreciate calling you - Looking forward to speaking soon. Thank you, Claire

- Claire, UK


Consistent Reader

Andy is always so consistent with his readings. He explains what he sees so well and makes instant connections with the situation. A lovely, compassionate reader who is consistently accurate. Thanks Andy.

- Pauline, Scotland



Andy is a top reader without a shadow of a doubt! He just pours information with no hesitation. His connection to his guide is immaculate. Highly recommended.

- Ash, London


Not for me

card reading' (not a ‘psychic reading'). Giving me several very vague and unclear interpretations of the cards, and each of these interpretations could be read into to mean a million and one different things and apply to a million one different people. Please publish!!!!

- Same as last time, Same place as before



Thank you so much for the reading. It was amazing! Spot on and lots of details!

- ,



hi andy, thanks for you insight and your amazing personality, sorry but the system ended my call, was extremely helpful, will call again

- david, Uk


Good reader

Hi Andy, sorry that I lost connection. Thank you so much for giving a solid reading about work. I was gutted when the call disconnected unexpectedly.

- S, Uk


Good card reader

- ,


Solid all round reader

Very accurate gives guidance and clarity and lifts my spirits I look forward to my weekly readings always a pleasure thank you so much Andy.

- Jayne, Kent


The Best

Everything explained - what more do you need! Awesome reader - Thank you Andy

- Claire, Wales, UK


- ,



Sorry we got cut off! i ran out of credit, but thanks so much andy, you caught on to the situation very well and reassured so much. and on top of that, you were very sweet and calm. thanks so much!

- , London


Picked up on what's going on

I asked for a general reading to see what he could pick up, and blow me down, did he pick stuff up. Linked with what is currently going on with my life and the areas that I had questions on. Hopefully everything he said will come to fruition. Will definitely be back. Thank you Andy, you are gifted

- ,


Brilliant Reader

Had an amazing reading with Andy. He is a really accurate reader, didn't ask any questions, picked up on my situation and people around me. I found him very helpful and easy to talk to. Will definitely call again soon.

- Gina, London


Brilliant, genuine reader!

Excellent! One of the best! Picked up on everything and didn't ask for information! Will definitely call again!

- Marie, London



Spoke with Andy spot on with the work situation and other areas see how it all unfolds. Thanks

- J, Oz



Andy was very precise , did not ask any questions , gave me guidance and a very direct reading Thankyou Andy. I will be back , I would highly recommend , xx

- Sandy, Midlands


Great reader and a gorgeous gentle soul

I've had many readings with Andy. He's always accurate and he has lots of tuned in advice to give. He's totally genuine and a lovely person too

- Leigh, London



First reading from Andy picked up on situation straight away without any questions. Let's see if his prediction comes to pass. Well recommended

- Kathleen, From Kent



Absolutely Fantastic Reader. Calm, collected and most importantly accurate.

- Ash, London


Very good

Very good and to the point

- ,


Hit the nail on the head

Lovely down to earth guy, very to the point, picked up on the current situation right away, let's see if the predictions come true in the next 6 weeks. Thank you very gifted reader

- Nicholas, Essex


Excellent reading

Highly recommend covers so much and validates.

- Josie, Catford


Fantastic Reading

Absolutely brilliant. He was professional, friendly, talented, accurate and easy to understand. No questions asked, no messing about, straight on to the Tarot reading and no wasting of time. Yet the reading was detailed and not hurried and it was at a comfortable pace. It was one of the best readings I have had. He is gem. Thank you so much.

- T, London


Not a four star but maybe a three and a half reading. As good as possible for card reader

As good as a card reader can be, who doesn't also draw from spirit. He's ok. I didn't find him as good as the other reviews so far would suggest. But he's certainly isn't bad. Have used him more than once. And each time asked same question in slightly different way/ from different angle and he's always been consistent with what he says and sufficient time has passed between two readings for him not to have remembered me. So - in conclusion - not bad. Would use again if the reader I usually use doesn't return. And there's no other reader here I'd say that about.

- Mr in the middle, Perspective town


Blown away

Wow! Fast, confident and accurate. Thanks Andy, you launched into my reading without fear or vagueness and the details were uncanny. It's only a matter of time before word gets out how good u are and it will be tricky to get hold of you. Best reading I've in years on this site. Thankyou, your an angel

- Kim, Oz


One of THE best readers. A very caring man, concise, very accurate and easy to understand.

- Trish, UK


A real reader

Thank you so much Andy, you picked up on my situation and gave me a peace of mind. God bless you.

- Nadine, London


Really good!!! 5 star +

A brilliant reader who very quickly gives a lot of accuracy and detail on a situation. A very very good reader! No sugar coating just straight to the point. Thank you!

- DP, Australia


Brilliant reading !!!!

I resonated very well with Andy , his reading was spot on ! Can't wait for predictions to unfold !

- A, Birmingham



really lovely reading such a gentle compassionate reader very quick you have to listen to every word as all have so much meaning gave me such a lift in energy explains everything truthfull i feel will be very busy thankyou trusted psychics ☺

- bell, world


Very Good

Had a lovely reassuring reading with Andy

- ,